How To- Insulation Design

How do you design insulation to work most efficiently with your in-floor heating system?

Basic Ideas:

You will want to layer the foundations with sufficient insulation to hold your heat in your floor and not have it escape to the ground.

Under your floor you will want:

  1. Dry clean sand

  2. A Vapor barrier (often 6-8 millimeter polyurethane plastic sheet)

  3. Insulations (pink foam board), 2-3″ of below grade use of expanded polyurethane

  4. You can replace 2&3 , the vapor barrier and the pink foam board with the heat sheet insulation that has nodules to hold your pex pipes in place.

  5. Make sure to insulate long the walls where you will pour the cement.

Another Option: is that you can insulate all the way down the the foundation

  1. 1. This will turn the dry clean sand into heat storage for about 3-4 feet down and will reduce building temperature fluxuations.

    Instead of pink foam board, we now offer the HEAT Sheet, which has nodules on it so you can literally walk the pipes into place, with only an occasional staple. This reduced the pex pipe laying out job by hours and making it possible to do it with only 1-2 people.