State & Lochinvar Combi Boiler Adaptor

State & Lochinvar Combi Boiler Adaptor


The State Pro Line XE Combi Boiler needs an adaptor to work the HUG Hydronics In-Floor Heating System. This is that adaptor. Now, with one huge combi-boiler, you can heat your house and your hot water with the same boiler.

* Installs with 1 tool, about 5  minutes of work.

How does it work? 

The State Pro Line XEs have a pressure sensor which our adaptor replaces with a low water level sensor and air remover. The probe senses if the water is low. If it is it sends a signal to the purge pins to run the pump 3 seconds, raising the water level enough to purge any air.

The water sensing probe gets stuck down a tube on the top, and the power cord goes down a hole and plugs into the circuit board of the Combi-boiler. On the HUG Hydronics Tanks the black box slips in next to the thumb screws on the back. A hose goes into the tank and a connecting cord feed to the control board and plugs into the purge pins of the heater pump (usually pump #10).

See Full Instructions/Video here.


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