PEX Pipes 1/2″

PEX Pipes 1/2″


1/2″ PEX Pipes for sale in rolls of  300 feet and 1,000 feet.

The 1/2′ PEX pipes work seamlessly with the HUG Hydronics in-floor heating system. PEX pipes go in the cement or under a wood floor and carry the warm water that heats the floor.

Please Note: PEX tubing is unstable under UV light. To ensure the long term stability of PEX, care must be taken to avoid overexposing the product to sunlight, both before and after the time of installation.

Oxygen barrier PEX-b tubing has the same properties as non-barrier PEX-b pipes, but it prevents oxygen and other elements from infiltrating and damaging delicate heating system components. For example, it keeps boilers from rusting. Bluefin PEX-b pipe is made of polyethelene which is cross-linked to enhance performance and maintain the properties of thermoplastics. Furthermore, this tubing can be installed in a variety of ways, such as using the crimp, clamp, or fitting systems. Bluefin offers a 25-year warranty on the product.

These are dropped shipped. if shipping. The 1,000 feet rolls are also available for local pick up/delivery.

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