Pro Line Pump Kits

Pro Line Pump Kits


Every HUG Hydronics Tank need pump kits.

Each HUG Tank can hold up to 9 additional pumps (one exchanger pump is included in the tank).

Each loop pump kit connects to 300 ft (or 1 loop) of PEX tubing in your floor.

Add a 2 loop pump kit. It has a splitter on each end to handle 2 loops at a time.  For 600 ft (or 2 loops of PEX tubing), (Best for the same level as the HUG Hydronics unit will be on).  Both loops on the two-loop pump have to be on the same floor.

Add a heat source pump Kit for each additional heat source you’d like in your system,

How To Library:

Adding a pump


Step 1) Choose your Tank

* Base Model

*Standard Model

Step 2) Add your preferred boiler connection kits



*EZ Fill 

Step 3) Add your pumps for floor loops as needed

Step 4 ) Install to floor loops, fill and purge. Takes about 1 hour.

Video Tutorials