HUG Hydronics pro line tank includes pump 10 and the heat exchanger inside of the tank

“Hugh the Ducky- In-floor heating made simple” Another way to run your pumps

Other ways to run your HUG Hydronics in-floor heating system:

Keep the loop pumps on continuous run:

It will circulate water all the time and keeps floor temps constant, even when floor temps may be influenced by solar gain or leaky doors.

How do you put the pumps on constant flow? Run a little wire from R to W (on the thermostat wiring) on one of the zones to make the control think the thermostat is always on. Assign all floor pumps to that zone.

Primary & Back up Heaters:

If the heat sources are put on separate zones, set one at slightly higher temp than the other so it becomes the primary source of heat. If that primary heater happens to fail and the building temp can’t quite keep up, the other one kicks in and keeps it warm enough while you fix the first.

Off Peak and Dual Fuel with HUG Hydronics in-floor heating:

Another reason you might use two heaters, that in the day time the electricity is higher cost, and so you use propane, but at night, the electricity rates are reduced so propane becomes more expensive. You can use a switch timer to automatically switch between them. Or get on your electricity suppler’s off-peak service and they can send out a signal that will automatically turn off and on your electric heat source.

Hugh the Ducky takes the “What the quack!?” out of the hydronic in-floor heating techno-babble and replaces it with simply easy to understand pictures and directions. Questions? Email