Planning out your perfect home should include a well thought out PEX design layout. This will help maximize heat distribution in your home.

Why You Should Use a PEX Layout

There are many good reasons to plan your PEX layout before building. Planning doesn’t have to be high-tech, but it should be accurate. Simply using graphing paper will give you a clear way forward. Some planners use a layout program to help. We offer a PEX layout design service. Our technicians utilize the program LoopCAD which can be very precise and will be a good tool in your build. Whichever method you choose, it’s extremely important to plan your layout. Let’s go over the reasons…

  • Precision:
    • Planning ahead enables precise and accurate planning, ensuring that the plumbing system fits seamlessly into your building without errors. We all know how expensive errors can be in construction!
  • Optimization:
    • By planning ahead, you can optimize your PEX layout for efficient distribution and consistent water flow throughout your construction project. Proper planning will maximize energy efficiency and keep your zones toasty warm.
  • Early Issue Identification:
    • If something’s going to happen, you’ll be able to see it if you plan ahead. Design programs allow for the id of potential issues in the PEX layout phase of construction. It will also inform you of any heating issues that may occur later in the lifespan of the building. Having done the design process, you will prevent problems, save time, and save resources!
  • Pinpoint Material Requirements:
    • Instead of educated guesses, you’ll have an automatically calculated number of feet of PEX tubing and numbers of fittings based on your layout. This can streamline the material ordering process and will hopefully minimize any errors (which are costly, remember!)
  • Documentation:
    • Recording the installation process and planning your PEX layout will give you documentation, serving as a valuable reference during construction and for future maintenance. This can help you in troubleshooting and in routine system upkeep

If you’re still confused, there are a few online guides for PEX layout, but we recommend the great guys over at Heat-Sheet who have put together a very thorough guide that will get you started.